DIY Easy Lavender Hearts


I’ve made lavender hearts a few times before, but on this occasion I wanted a really quick and easy way to make them so that I could make quite a few as favours for a party.  So I worked on a version that requires minimal hand sewing (just to attach the roses at the end), and no fiddly turning out.


I picked a selection of pretty pink and purple fabrics and some co-ordinating ribbon and fabric roses. As an extra touch I also used my sewing machine to embroider the date on each heart. To do this I added a small piece of interfacing to the fabric and embroidered all the fabric squares before sewing together.

If you’d like to have a go yourself, here are the very simple steps to make your own!

What you’ll need

  • Couple of fat quarters of your chosen fabric (or whatever scraps you have)
  • Ribbon
  • Toy stuffing
  • Lavender
  • Fabric roses
  • Pinking shears

First of all fold your fabric in half wrong sides together and cut squares out slightly bigger than the heart shape you want. You’ll need a heart template to make sure your hearts are all the same size (I drew mine by hand but you can easily find a template on the internet to print off).  Draw around the heart on the fabric with some chalk.


Keeping the wrong sides together (so the right side of the fabric is facing you) carefully place the ribbon at the centre between both pieces of fabric. Make sure you line up the pin through the fabric at the centre dip of the heart with the ribbon.


Next sew around the heart leaving a couple of inches open on one side.


I found it easier to cut out most of the shape at this stage as if you wait until the very end it’s more difficult to cut once the heart is stuffed. So go ahead and using pinking shears cut around the side of the heart that you’ve sewn. Leave the open section uncut for now.


When you get to the ribbon make sure you don’t cut it off! Cut across the top fabric first, pulling it back as you go, and then trim the fabric behind.


Pour some lavender into your heart and then fill with stuffing. Fill it so it’s nice and plump and then once you’re happy with it try and squash the stuffing over to one side to make it easier to sew up.


Pushing the stuffing out of the way sew the opening closed. I pulled all my ends through to the back and tied them off.


Finally use the pinking shears to trim the last side and you’re done! As a little extra you can add fabric roses to the centre, securing them with a few stitches by hand. Make sure you just work through the top layer of fabric and you tie your thread off between the fabrics so it’s hidden. Give them a good plump to space the stuffing back evenly and they’re ready to go!




Happy sewing!





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