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DIY Quilted Christmas Stocking


Don’t worry! A whole year hasn’t slipped by again without you noticing – it’s not Christmas yet! But I couldn’t share this project before as it was a present and I just couldn’t wait another year to share it!

I made this stocking using the Makower printed fabric panels. They’re a quick, easy way to make quilted stockings, but they only provided written instructions on how to put them together, so I thought a photo tutorial might help.

What you need

  • Makower Christmas Stocking Panel
  • Lining fabric
  • Wadding

Cut out your fabric pieces first and then use these as templates to cut out two pieces of lining fabric and two pieces of wadding. The fabric is designed to look like it’s been quilted but to make the effect even better, I recommend you go over the main lines of the design.


Pin the wadding to the fabric and then quilt as much (or little) as you like. I did all the main horizontal lines and the heel outline.


With right sides facing pin your fabric together (now with wadding attached) and sew around the edges (leaving the top open).


Pin the lining right sides together and sew around leaving a few inches open on one side. (Don’t forget to leave the top open again as well!)


Turn the lining so the right side is facing out and slip this inside the main stocking. The right sides of the fabric and lining should be facing. You’re now going to sew around the top edge, before you do slip the ribbon in, the loop facing down. Sew around the top.


Turn the stocking out the right way through the gap in the lining and slip stitch the opening closed. Then top stitch around the edge (this will make sure the lining stays inside). And as easy as that, you’re done!




And now you’re ready for next year!



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