A season out of sync

My winter cape is finished! Hoorah! Oh wait… it’s May.


Somehow I’m always at least one season behind my knitting schedule. How is that? I certainly start with the best intentions but somehow I end up with heavy knitwear in summer and crochet bikinis in winter…

It’s probably best not to even mention that half-done Christmas stocking in the back of my cupboard…

I’m a very organised person so it’s surprising really that this happens. I certainly get all the Christmas hand-knitted presents done without fail for the 25th. So why does this keep happening?

Why have I just finished a delightful, intricate cable-work cape and the temperature is steadily climbing into the twenties and weekends are spent by the lake or in the park?


I know I sometimes start too many projects at once; sometimes there is just TOO much excitement to start something new. And then when I make vows about how I absolutely won’t buy any more wool it’s my birthday and I find myself in the amazing Pack Lane Wool in Basingstoke…

2016-04-29 14.56.37      2016-04-29 14.56.31

Anyway they say you can’t have too much of a good thing and I think that absolutely applies to wool. When the apocalypse comes round my knitwear collection will be to die for. Literally, the zombies will probably be coming for me.

Until then I’ll enjoy my lovely cape, from Hayfield Pattern 7495, even if I can only admire it on the hangar. And come next Autumn it will be primed and ready to wear.


Yarn: Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool

Adjustments: Knitted the back without the cable pattern, cast on less stitches to get the same size as the front.




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