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Family Effort

In 2012 my mum and I saw the Alan Dart Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe pattern in a issue of Simply Knitting and thought it would be the perfect gift for a new addition to the family; the start of a new generation. Four years later and I’m an aunt, my mum is a granny and we have a lovely new member of our family; a now 12 week old cutie.


When we first heard that this cutie would be joining us we all got together, aunts, great aunts and granny, and started working on the Old Woman and her quirky family


The children are all based on my various siblings and cousins (and we’ve got a few more to make yet!) and everyone made different parts (though somehow an awful lot of the sewing up did seem to fall to me!)

Last week we delivered the gift to its recipient in Australia where he’ll now always have a little reminder of his large, boisterous family over in England.


A gift, hopefully, to last a lifetime (maybe with a few repairs now and then).



2 thoughts on “Family Effort

  1. We waited a long time to make it didn’t we. Well done my darling for working so hard on the sewing up when you could have been sunning yourself! I think that little Jesse will love it x

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