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2015 Review and Ripples

A look back at 2015

Happy New Year! I mentioned previously that whilst I hadn’t been blogging in 2015 it didn’t mean I hadn’t been crafting and so I would still like to do my traditional yearly review with some of highlights- in fact it seems even more important! There have been so many great moments (and projects!) this year that a few certainly deserve a little mention. I’ll also put pattern details below in case anyone sees anything they fancy trying in the New Year.

There is one project, my biggest so far, that I completed in 2015 that deserves a bit more attention- my Attic 24 Ripple Blanket! So I’ve added in some extra photos and details below on that.


January: Granny square crochet Christmas trees (inspired by Pinterest)

February: Attic 24 Ripple Blanket (more details below)

March: Huggy bunnies (pattern from Cherry Heart more details on Ravelry)

April: Felt bunny pouches to fill with Easter treats (inspired by Pinterest)

May: The beautiful beaches of Lake Geneva- when my knitting and crochet had to take a bit of a back seat to my big move to Geneva.

June: The impressive Jet d’eau in Geneva, lit up at night.

July: Giant kaleidoscope circle cushion worked with short rows and a crochet medallion for the centre (more details on Ravelry)

August: Cute orange and lemon crochet coasters (more details on Ravelry)

September: Janie Crow crochet capelet (more details on Ravelry)

October: Pom Pom Fever Hat (more details on Ravelry)

November: Merry Little Santa (pattern from Let’s Knit Magazine)

December: King Cole Tinsel Snowmen (more details on Ravelry)

It’s interesting to see looking back how much crochet appears in the year. I think this is due mostly to the fact that it’s fairly quick, easy and portable meaning it fitted in well when I was moving about lots.

The soothing power of chevrons

titleblanketSo here’s the big reveal, my favourite make not only of 2015 but of the last few years at least! (Perhaps of all time but I’m a bit worried I’ve forgotten something important to make that claim). Now, I don’t actually remember when I started crocheting this, but it was definitely pre-2014 (looking back I actually have a post from January 2014 claiming I’m sure 2014 will be the year its finished!) But it’s finished, and that’s all the matters right? (looks for frantic affirmation from fellow hoarders knitters)

The pattern is from the brilliant Attic 24 and is really simple. Once you’ve mastered the two lines of pattern they’re just repeated. I used a mixture of cotton yarns (as it’s designed to be a throw to go on the bed year round rather than a blanket) all in pastel, what I like to think of as ‘ice-cream’ shades.  You can see all the colours on Ravelry here. Pretty pinks, mint greens, apricot beiges and creamy vanillas.


Look at all those chevrons lined up neatly. It’s almost hypnotic following the rising and falling pattern. Made so simply by decreases and increases on treble stitches. The finished throw covers a double bed perfectly.


The throw is finished with a simple border around the edges (again from Attic 24) and the end result is even better than I imagined it would be. This is a blanket to love and cherish forever.


I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to finish such a big project after several years. In fact the memories of all the different places its been with me from its beginning (4 different houses and a new country!)  makes it even more precious. I can remember doing those first few rows and now I’m sat in Geneva swaddled in stripes. And it’s perfect.

So any plans for the New Year? My only resolution is to throw myself whole-heartedly and enthusiastically into the next year. No sitting on the sidelines. I know 2016 will be what I make of it: handmade and hopeful.



3 thoughts on “2015 Review and Ripples

  1. Your lovely mum told me about your blog and I have read the whole thing from start to finish! I love everything that you have made, wish I could sew even half as well and have never before even thought of making a knitted belt but yours is so lovely that I’m tempted! You are incredibly talented!

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