Tradition or Change?

Creativity is catching

So it’s been a while! I feel like I should start by saying hello! and that I missed you!

So much has happened in the last year that I had to take some time off from blogging, though I missed it sorely the whole year through! And it certainly didn’t mean I stopped crafting for a year (more on that later).

It started with a move in England to London and ended with a new job in Switzerland! Along the way my computer broke (which put a forced pause on blogging), I did an editing course outside of work (which took up all my evenings and weekends) and some how I ended up here. In Geneva.


Isn’t it beautiful? Hopefully I can revisit some Geneva tourism in another post later.

I hadn’t decided whether to start blogging again and then Christmas was upon me (any committed knitter will know Christmas starts in about August for us) and being reminded of all those Christmas traditions, well, it helped me decide that this was a tradition I wanted to hold on to as well.

Though there will be some changes. I’ve still got a lot going on: discovering and exploring a new city AND country and I do a lot of writing for my new job. So I’m going to aim for one new, big post per month which will focus on a project I’m working on, a new technique I’m trying or maybe even a bit of Swiss shenanigans! In between I hope to add short inspiration posts with lots of pictures to spread the creative bug. Because it’s catching. Only the other day I converted someone in my office to knitting. There’s now wool all over the desk.

Christmas crafting

So here’s what’s on my desk currently (just joking- I would never knit at work- shhhhh). My knitting group (in Geneva) are doing a Secret Santa Christmas swap and this is what I’ve been working on. I decided not to knit the gift as I’ve got a lot of knitting on the go already for Christmas and I always forget how much I like working with felt. Remember these lovely felt dolls?


You can read more about them in this post and this post.

So I made this cute little elf decoration. You can find the pattern on Etsy here (don’t tell but I just made mine up from looking at the picture shhhh…)


It’s quick and easy and, most importantly, fun. You can add as many little details as you like, the embroidery, the buttons, the tiny pom pom.


Little beads for eyes and real blusher for the cheeks! Isn’t he friendly? He’ll be off making new friends now with my Secret Santa swap partner and I know he’ll be doing just swell. If you’re looking for gift ideas yourself this little elf is perfect for a friend or family or as a cute little decoration to hang around the house.


So only a little more than a week to go until the big day! Needles, hooks and other crafting implements at the ready; Christmas is coming!



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