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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree (napkin)!


Christmas napkins (or serviettes if you’re in the US)- just the thing to liven up your Christmas table! These are really quick and easy to make as all the magic is in the folding. And I love a well dressed Christmas table!

All you’ll need is semi-circles of fabric to sew together- you can draw round the biggest round thing you own (normally a mixing bowl) and then cut that in half. You’ll want two contrasting fabrics to make the Christmas Tree shape stand out and once you’ve sewn them together (you’ll need to hand slip stitch the last section once you’ve turned them out) you can concertina it together to make the tree shape- I gave mine a good press to keep them in this shape.

You can find an easy tutorial here to follow if you’d like to have a good yourself- they are really quick!

unfolded3 4

You might recognise this fabric from the table runner I made quite a while ago but the matching napkins are finally ready-hurray! Now I’m even more excited about Christmas lunch!

2012-09-10 12.34.13

 Do you decorate your table for Christmas? There’s still time to plan something!



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