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The Christmas Cupcake Collection

So if you’ve been following all these cupcake posts you might have noticed in the background what was going on- yes they’re all being combined to make the ultimate Christmas Cupcake Collection!


This was my favourite gift to prepare and give this year, I made three different batches of cupcakes (more on the gingerbread men below) including some dairy-free and some gluten-free, and then I packaged them up in a lovely Christmas cake tin and gave them as early presents.



So if you’d like to add the gingerbread men to your snowflake and chocolate cupcakes here’s how. To set up you’ll need some gingerbread cupcakes (I used a slight adaptation of this recipe),  cinnamon cream cheese frosting and of course you need some little gingerbread men.


I used this recipe for the cream cheese and added cinnamon to taste- I have to say I think this was the best icing out of all the cupcakes- it tasted delicious! I piped this in swirls using an open star nozzle starting from the centre moving out to keep it quite flat.


I baked the gingerbread men a couple of days before (they keep for ages) and decorated some with piped details and some with little scarves-it’s as simple as that!


So here they are all together, a great selection of different flavours so there is sure to be something to appeal to everyone.

all-2I hope these baking posts have inspired you to do some festive baking too and maybe even try out some handmade edible presents this year? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!



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