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Quick Gifts: Chocolate Cupcakes


Now these are really quick and easy to make (and only require basic baking skills!).

To get you started you’ll need some delicious chocolate cupcakes, some equally delectable chocolate buttercream, some Cadbury’s flakes and some Christmas decorations. You can buy small ready-made decorations or you can model them yourself like I did. I used a sugar modelling paste, but you could also use something like marzipan to make the tiny berries and little holly leaves.


There are no extra steps for these cupcakes as they’re as easy as put everything on! You can either pipe the buttercream on or just spread it on with a palette knife. Then you can add your chunks of flakes (do you think when they made Flakes they realised what great log decorations they would be for years to come?) and finally add your chosen festive decorations.


As a last little touch dust generously with icing sugar for a beautiful snow covered scene.


Enjoy! Up next I’ve got some ideas for gingerbread cupcakes and how you can bring all the cupcakes together to make the perfect gift.



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