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So Sparkle Snowflake Cupcakes



So here’s the first of my baking gift ideas: So sparkle snowflake cupcakes!

I love giving home-made Christmas gifts and there’s something particularly delightful about one that looks good and tastes good!

These are probably intermediate level cupcakes as the royal icing is a bit tricky, but I’ve got some easier ones coming up over the next couple of days too. These were just my favourite so I had to share them first (and I’ll admit it they are a bit frozen inspired!).

The set up: You’ll need some cupcakes- I used vanilla and some accompanying buttercream, mine is vanilla also and coloured blue. I’ve put an open star nozzle on my buttercream so it’s nice and easy to pipe.


To make the snowflakes I did royal icing run-outs. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these you pipe an outline (You can see below how I drew a template and put it underneath a sheet of acetate) with stiff royal icing, allow that to dry and then fill the inside with runnier icing. They need to dry completely then before you do anything else and they’re very fragile so you do have to be careful.


Pipe some lovely pretty blue swirls on your cupcakes.


Then add some sparkle! This is the best bit! I used some edible food shimmer dusts, an iris colour to dust over the cupcake and a light silver on the snowflakes.

You can see what a difference it makes below-it makes them much more 3D. To apply the sparkle to the snowflakes I used a flat paintbrush (for food use!) to carefully paint over the top. With the cupcakes, as the buttercream was still s, soft, I just sprinkled the dust carefully over the top using the paintbrush- it was very messy!


Remember to be very careful putting your snowflake on so they don’t break! Its a very simple design but I think it works quite nicely because of that.


Sit back and enjoy!


Coming up next: Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes- see you soon!





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