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Tricks and Treats (10 quick and easy ideas)

I love Halloween, I’m never really sure why but something about it just grips me! If you like Halloween too here are some great ideas I’ve seen around whether you want some creepy tricks or some cuddly treats.

For me Halloween is the one time of the year where you need to be scared- so I like my decorations to actually scare me, so when I go into the bathroom I jump everytime I see the monster climbing out of the sink- even though I put it there. I’ve kept this selection fairly friendly family though so there’s something for everyone!


1. Witches hat cupcakes- all edible and delicious (blogged here)

2. A deliciously oozy eyeball panna cotta with kiwi iris and strawberry blood coulis (image Pinterest)

3. I like to think this witch flew straight into the door on her broom stick and they just tried to brush her under the rug before the guests arrived (image Pinterest)

4. A floating ice hand in the punch- refreshing and creepy! (image Pinterest)

5. Quick and easy spider webs from spare wool (tutorial available here)


6. A cute touch for the dinner table on all hallows eve (Image Pinterest)

7. A fun way to decorate cupcakes to look like pumpkins with coloured buttercream (image Pinterest)

8. Make spiders cute with this oreo and liquorice design (image Pinterest)

9. Cute more than creepy, these decorated threads are a happy addition to your halloween decorations (image Pinterest)

10. Cute felt decorations to hang around the house (blogged here)

Are you planning anything for Halloween? Or are you too busy preparing for Christmas already?


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