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Say it with bunting


Doesn’t bunting just make everything better? It’s so quick and easy to make and can be made in a hundred different variations. I bought a couple of different cottons to mix and match- I wanted a vintage/country home feel to it. I also decided to hand embroider some words- an easy way to personalise your bunting if you’re making it as a gift.

I think if I had the time I’d have different bunting for different occasions and different seasons- I made this one back in August and now I fancy one in richer deep colours like purples and reds for autumn. I’d also love to do a kitchen one: Cook- Cake-Celebrate-Create.


2  P1010925-2title

Do you have bunting adorned around the house? Or is it just for those very special occasions? I think I definitely need some Happy Birthday bunting- much better than foil banners!



6 thoughts on “Say it with bunting

  1. I like bunting too, it’s very summery in the garden but I like the idea of seasonal bunting, maybe Halloween bunting? That would be fun!

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