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Cute and Cosy Crochet


I’m back from holiday! And I feel refreshed and ready to go- and I have lots of ideas and projects to get started on! I’m really hoping to get to work on some tutorials I’ve been working on, I’ve even got photos for some but just haven’t had the time to do all the necessary editing to get them ready!

It’s a super busy time of year with that back to school feel and autumnal leaves already falling from the trees (Did I blink and miss summer??) This is a nice quick easy make to fit in when you haven’t got much time and want something simple that can give your mind a rest.

You can make simple shop bought towels your own with a quick and easy crocheted edging. I used hand towels from Ikea- which come in a lovely range of colours- or you can upcycle some old towels and give them a new life. Make sure to use a fairly hard-wearing yarn too (I used Sugar n Cream) so the towels can still stand up to regular washing.

P1010816P1010814 P1010827

Doesn’t it make all the difference? From plain boring towel to something homemade and happy! I love surrounding myself with handmade items in my house, it just makes me feel so much more settled! And they make lovely useful gifts as well- you could do some lovely face cloths on a miniature scale to match. The method is really simple, I might even get round to one of those tutorials if I get myself sorted!

Did you have a summer lull for crafting? And if so are things starting to pick up now?



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