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A gift for every knitter

What do you buy an avid knitting or crafting friend? They’ve already got a small shops worth of wool and fabric and you can’t imagine buying them something they could make better themselves.

It was a very special Aunty’s birthday recently, she is my go to knitting-sewing guru. A one-stop shop for inspiration, encouragement and advice! So I wanted to make something special and give her something that she would want and need. But when she’s already got enough wool to start her own shop what can you get?

A bag to put it all in of course! Where there’s wool, you need wool storage! So I made this lovely bag  (Buttercick 5006) in 100% cotton blossom fabric from John Lewis. You might recognize this fabric as the same as what I used for the Peplum Top but this bag actually came first- I just had to hold off on the reveal.


It is a bag with a thousand pockets- as every knitter needs to store their notions. It’s also pretty practical with velcro fastenings and over the shoulder straps. In fact it would make a great beach bag I have to say!

As the recipient is a knitting fanatic who buys every knitting magazine going I decided to get a crochet magazine to put in it- something she’s learning.


titleI’ve compiled a list of my top ideas for gifts for people who like to knit, sew and crochet below. You can find everything out there whether you want inspiration to make your own gift or are looking to source a quality handmade gift from someone else.

Knit Notes from Amazon– I love my copy of this, it’s got loads of sections with lined/plain and graph paper to note down patterns you’re working on.

Personalised Cards from Eskimimi Makes– These are cute cards to put in with your makes, because sometimes people really don’t realise how much time has gone in to your work!

Cupcake pin cushion from Folksy– This is too cute, the glass headed pins are pushed right in to look like sprinkles!

Donut stitch markers from Folksy– This maker has an amazing range of sweet stitch markers- donuts, cakes, iced buns!

Knitting Stitch Markers from Folksy– I’ve bought two sets of these markers recently as the seller is so lovely and they come beautifully packaged.

Tote Bag with knitting slogan from Not on the Highstreet– I’m not sure how many Game of Thrones knitters there are out there but this works wonderfully for everyone else too- before you know it winter will be here and you won’t be able to knit fast enough.

Do you have any top gift ideas for friends or family that are knitters? Do you make all your gifts? And what do you like to receive? I’d love to hear!



One thought on “A gift for every knitter

  1. I love love love my bag! I am so lucky, it is amazing and sooooo much better than anything I could have bought in the shops. It’s such a special present thankyou x

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