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The Britannia Maxi


 Finally some nice weather! It suddenly feels like we have summer here in England! While I love summer dresses and outfits (and have shall we say quite a few) it’s a lot more difficult to dress smart for work and keep cool.  My work is fairly laid back about clothes, but we’re not allowed anything too short or skin revealing, so when you’re working in a stuffy office (no air conditioning) it can be hard to know what to wear to keep cool.

One of the items I wear most is my maxi skirts- they’re smart enough (I tend to avoid big prints or anything too bold) and you keep really cool in them. This is my newest addition to the family- the Britannia Maxi. I used Megan Nilsen’s tutorial again which takes less than a couple of hours to sew up- you could probably do it in an hour if you were very focused and distraction free.

The fabric was from Fabric Land in Basingstoke, it’s a type of brushed cotton jersey- is that a thing?? It’s what it feels like anyway, it’s sumptuously soft like butter against your skin (the only way to describe it!) I loved the patriotic side of the red, white and blue stripes and happily hummed Rule Britannia the whole way through making it!






 How does the hot weather affect your crafting? I definitely start to slow down on the knitting when hot weather hits but I normally increase my sewing to compensate. Do you have a favourite work handmade outfit for the summer months? Any other suggestions for me? Not that I mind making more maxi skirts!



5 thoughts on “The Britannia Maxi

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  2. I like maxis as I remember my older sister wearing them and she always looked so elegant. I want to make one now! I like your choice of colours,

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