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Butterick chez Paris


A lesson in perseverance

Let me tell you a story about a girl and a dress and a bit of perseverance.

I was given this incredible Paris street fabric roughly 5 years ago as a present, it’s from the lovely Ditto Fabrics. I knew straight away I wanted to make a dress with it and chose Butterick #5317, I also matched it with some blue jersey I got from George’s fabric shop, Cyprus.

I made up the dress fairly quickly and….it didn’t fit…and I didn’t like the style!

About 2 years later I dug it out from where it had been sulkily shoved and decided to sort it out. I took out the zip and pinned where I could take the sides in. I STILL didn’t like it though, the waistline was too high and drawn out for me, the skirt too full, and the length too long. I sighed and chucked it back in the closet…until last week…

I finally decided I had to do something about it so pulled it down from on top of my wardrobe and tried it on- ready to pin, cut and sew my way to a dress I did like but… it fitted perfectly and I absolutely LOVED it. I quickly inserted the zip (made much more tricky by the jersey fabric for the top section- an uniformed decision by my younger self!) and it was ready to go.  Let’s gloss over the fact that it’s now a perfect fit when it was definitely too big before and focus on my change in tastes!


I love the large pleats that give it a really nice full skirt and make it all about the crazy print (which is 100% me by the way!) It’s strange to think how much my own style has changed. I’ve never really knowingly followed commercial fashion (I sew my clothes I don’t have time to update for every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter collection!) and I did think I had a fairly consistent style. But I clearly remember not liking the style of this dress at all at first- whereas now this is exactly what I want to be wearing every day! Even the length is perfect (bit worried why my younger self wanted it shorter!!)


 It looks lovely with a belt as well- and of course a matching French clutch bag (from Accesorize).




Do you find your sewing styles changes? Is this something you notice? I definitely wear a lot more at my actual waist, so to speak, whereas it used to always be about skirts slung low on your hips! I never noticed the changes at the time but looking back it seems much more apparent.

 I’m so glad I held on to this dress for so long and eventually made something I love- this is a true lesson in perseverance or maybe just a lesson to NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY- guilty!

I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my very talented photographer.



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