Me-Made-May Round-Up (and a Parisian Top)

week-5Day 27: Parisian Top (see below)

Day 29: Knitted Cable Belt

Day 30: Self-drafted circle skirt (never blogged)

It’s the end of May already! I have learnt A LOT about..well…a lot.

First Lesson: Don’t promise a great final week of Me-Made-May in case it all goes wrong! The weather has been so bad this last week that I didn’t wear any of my planned outfits! It was back to jumpers and thick tights and the last thing I felt like was being creative with my wardrobe sadly. It was a bad week to end on but the month as a whole has been really inspiring.

Let’s have a quick look back shall we?


Want to see that in some numbers?

New items made: 4

Average outfits per week: 3

Most outfits in one week: 4

Total outfits for May: 17

I pledged to wear 2 items a week and make 2 new items, which I did actually achieve! One of my original goals was to have more ‘sensible’ plain items in my Me-Made wardrobe that I could easily match, but from wearing handmade so often I’ve decided that that shouldn’t be the goal of my sewing. I love sewing my own clothes and I want them to be special and wow-worthy every time. I don’t have that much time for sewing so I’d rather make statement pieces in bright prints that I can then match with plain store-bought items (what can I say I like shopping too!)

I made a wearable toile of the Parisian Top and it quite perfectly combines these two ideas. It’s sensible and easy to match with jeans or skirts but the collar adds a little bit extra me to it!


I used a black ponte jersey (left over from a circle skirt I made a couple of months ago); the heaviness of the fabric made it easy to sew but also meant there was quite a lot of bulk at the seams even when trimmed down.


The overall design is lovely though, it’s a pretty quick make but has a really polished and smart look when complete. The instruction pack is also really useful, as well as easy instructions with lots of pictures there’s also loads of advice on sewing with knits and different design ideas for making endless Parisian Tops!


I’ve got some polka dot jersey I want to try it out with next…




2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Round-Up (and a Parisian Top)

  1. Love love love The Parisian top, it looks really smart. What a pity I don’t live next door and I could be your guinea pig……..all those amazing makes would be mine! Xxxxxx

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