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Beignet Skirt (Help Needed!)

I made this skirt a while ago but still haven’t got around to wearing it as there’s something not quite right about it- and I just don’t know how to fix it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The pattern is the Beignet skirt from Colette patterns, described as a ‘high waisted straight skirt’ it’s fully lined with a faced waist and 12 (yes 12!) buttons up the front.

It was definitely an intermediate sewing project but hugely enjoyable, it was nice to add details like the facing  and blind machine hem which give it a really neat professional finish.

I didn’t make a toile but I did try it on several times as I went to make sure the fit was good. And when I’m wearing it it feels like it fits perfectly but when I look at it in the mirror and in these photos- I’m just not sure!


From the back and side it looks ok but from the front it almost looks like there’s too much fabric. I thought at first I hadn’t placed the buttons evenly and that was why there appeared to be bunching- so I redid all (yes all 12!) buttons but it still looked the same!

I know in the pictures it looks a bit like the unevenness is caused by the fact I have my hands in my pockets- but I’m actually doing this to try and pull the fabric flatter so it looks better!

I’m really not sure what it could be or how to fix it, which is a shame as I absolutely love this fabric and don’t want to leave it as a skirt I won’t ever wear. Do you have any suggestions? Should I try making it smaller? I feel like the shape of the skirt flares out a bit too much at the bottom and should perhaps be straighter down? Could I adjust this? Though I’m not sure that would fix the problem of the bunching fabric at the front.


There are lots of lovely versions of the Beignet skirt over the internet so I know it’s probably not a problem with the pattern. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them as I’m just not sure what to do now 😦




One thought on “Beignet Skirt (Help Needed!)

  1. When I saw the photos I noticed the front like there is a little too much fabric in it. Is there a seam going up the front that you could unpick and re sew to take some fabric out maybe?

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