Me-Made-May week 2/3


Day 10: Liberty bag (blogged here)

Day 13: Team Tribal reversible scarf (blogged here)

Day 14: Britannia maxi skirt (blogged here) with mango jumper

Day 15: Berthe blouse with Zara jeans (blogged here)

Day 16: Simple cardigan (simplicity #4779) with dress from Debenhams

Day 17: Shirred dress (blogged here)

A round up of weeks 2 and 3 of Me-Made-May 2014

I’ve been so inspired watching all the bloggers wearing Me-Made outfits for every day of May that despite only pledging to do 2 days a week, I’m trying to wear something as often as I can. This has highlighted that I definitely don’t have enough handmade clothes!

I’m going to try and build my wardrobe up sensibly- some plain skirts and simple tops that I can mix and match. Though no promises I won’t make cocktail dresses and sequin head bands!






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