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Reversible Loop Scarf


A quick weekday make this reversible loop scarf can be made in under a couple of hours. The tutorial is from Issue #1 of Love Sewing (See previous review here). I wanted to try this out even before I realised I needed more handmade scarves in my wardrobe and it seemed like the perfect soloution- two scarves in one!

I decided to use jersey stretch material for mine as I wanted it to be really soft. I also decided to really push the limits of it’s reversible nature and have two completely different prints. One side is a lovely bold tribal print and the other a soft lilac with delicate dove detail.



The only problem I encountered was that the tribal print was stiffer than the dove fabric which means when I wear it dove side front the other pattern tends to peak through and want to be on show.  So I would recommend you use two fabrics of equal thickness and nothing too flimsy. It’s a lovely scarf though and I would definitely make another one- it would make a good quick present for someone as well.

one two

Do you have any other quick makes you like to do? With the lovely summer evenings growing I find I’m quite happy to come home from work and start sewing a new project- not something I’d ever do in the winter!



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