Me-Made-May week #1


Day 2:  Bow print shirred dress (based on this tutorial)

Day 7: Lace peplum top (blogged here) with primark maxi skirt

Day 8: Re-fashioned skirt (blogged here) with blouse from H&M

Day 9: Circle skirt (never blogged) with blouse from Mango.

Now you may notice, I got off to a slightly slow start, I think I almost failed my pledge without realising! I’m now properly into it though and really enjoying it. I love seeing all the inspiration on Flickr and Pinterest and what other people are making and wearing.

I’ve identified a couple of points about my Me-Made wardrobe so far:

1. I tend to make pieces with bold fabrics that are unique but, it makes it more difficult to mix and match different outfits for every day wear.

2. I wear a scarf every day, I have lots of hand knitted ones for the winter but in the summer revert to shop-bought ones. It would be really nice to have a handmade light scarf for spring/summer.

3. Whilst I sew lots of pretty dresses, they don’t tend to be suitable for work and are more for going out/weekends.

So these are my goals to look into for the weeks ahead and I’ll keep you updated how it goes!

How’s Me-Made-May going for you if you’re participating? Or are you feeling inspired to get sewing if you don’t already??



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