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Spring Top Sewalong


Me-Made-May let’s begin!

I have to say I opened my wardrobe on the 1st May and my heart fell a little bit, I’d completely forgotten I needed to start wearing handmade as much as I could, so I decided to postpone for one day and then attack it properly on 2nd May!

I’m going to take a quick picture of my outfit in the morning and then post about them once a week, so I can round up how that week went. I also upload them to the MMM’14 Flickr group, where you can see all the other people participating and get lots and lots of inspiration.

I’ve only worn one me-made outfit so far, but I’m going to run my weeks Saturday to Saturday, so will have more to show you next Saturday (hopefully anyway!)

But do you remember the Spring Top Sewalong?


I’ve completed my top, woo-hoo! The start of Me-Made-May definitely helped spur me on!


This top started when I saw the fabric in John Lewis, there was blossom on all the trees and the fabric just seemed perfect!

It’s 100% cotton from John Lewis and at £16 a metre was not something I’d usually indulge in! The lining is just a very thin cream polyester.



The pattern is an online download from Salme and I have mixed feelings about it. The pattern didn’t have seam allowances, which really annoys me, there doesn’t seem any reason why they couldn’t include them really, as you’re printing the pattern out at home it’s your own paper you’re using up!

I did a toile first to check the fit as the fabric was so expensive I didn’t want to make any mistakes and there were quite a few changes I wanted to make, it probably would have been just as quick to draft my own pattern- especially as I had to trace everything on to tissue paper anyway to include the seam allowances- but the Salme pattern was a good starting point.


So back to these changes, I decided to cut the back on the fold, rather than cutting and joining two pieces. It seemed like an unnecessary seam at the back (I’d like to have got rid of the one at the front as well if I could have) and I didn’t have enough fabric to pattern match. This meant I got rid of the key-hole feature on the back (which you can never see under my hair anyway) and instead added a button (covered with the same fabric) to the key-hole on the front neckline, this meant it was big enough to get over your head. It might seem a bit unconventional to have the button at the front, but fabric covered buttons are so cute, I wanted it on display.

I cut a UK 10 but made a few adjustments, taking in 1cm roughly on each side and almost an inch in the centre back which was very loose.


The method of inserting the lining was really interesting, though as the pattern is mostly just written instructions it was a bit difficult to understand at first. I didn’t really understand how they got a neat finish between the bodice and peplum (or if they even did) so I left my lining loose when attaching the top bodice and peplum and then pressed the lining under 1 cm and slip stitched it to the seam allowance after everything else was done. This took quite a long time but means there are no rough edges on show.



I also found it easier to insert the invisible zip before sewing the side seam. Overall it took a long long time to make this top but the results were definitely worth it as it has such a neat finish overall. The Salme pattern was definitely a good starting pattern (and really good value for money) and I like the look of some of other patterns but I wouldn’t want to buy one if I had to put this much effort into changing the pattern again.

I’ve also entered this top in a local sewing competition! So it manages to tick three boxes, Spring Top Sewalong, MMMay’14 and a competition! Very productive sewing!


I’m sure we’ll see this top again later in May and I’ll be back soon with a round up of my first week of Me-Made-May. I’m really getting into the swing of it now and starting to identify some key pieces that are missing from my me-made wardrobe. Fabric shopping trip anyone?



4 thoughts on “Spring Top Sewalong

  1. Gorgeous fresh and summery top! I love that you’ve put the button on the front, it’s the small details that catch the eye

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