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Good Enough to Eat


I had another milestone family member’s birthday recently and so wanted a suitably fun cake to go with it. In the end I only decided on this design a couple of days before- as I just couldn’t make up my mind what to do!

When I stumbled across a picture of another dairy milk cake (thank you Pinterest) I knew it was the perfect idea. Not too complicated as I only had 1 evening to bake it and the following morning to decorate (this was my choice to make sure it was as fresh as possible for the afternoon).

The cake is a chocolate guiness cake (Nigella’s recipe)- this is a deliciously moist chocolate cake though you do have to be very careful with it as it’s so moist it will break easily. I popped mine in the fridge before I started cutting to help firm it up (whilst I was making the ganache).

I made an 8″ square cake and trimmed one of the longer sides to make a rectangle, this off cut was then used for the extra blocks. I carved the right third to look like the blocks of chocolate and then covered the whole cake with ganache and popped it back in the fridge to set.


I then used brown sugarpaste (fondant) to cover the seperate cubes of chocolate and the right section of the main cake- using a smoother you can gently smooth this down between the squares to get better definition.


To make the Cadbury’s purple colour I used a violet paste to colour white sugarpaste. This takes a lot of colour and so I added CMC to the paste so it didn’t become too soft and also allowed it to set for a while, as the colour will deepen, before using.


I used sugar florist paste and moulds to make the DAIRY letters and piped the CADBURY on by hand- I then painted over this to make it gold (a mixture of edible gold dust and alcohol to make edible paint)

And done with a couple of hours to spare!


I think I enjoy the challenge and planning of these cakes almost more than the actual making of them, I like having the strict plan beforehand of exactly what I’ll need to do. I literally waste no time, so whilst one thing might be setting something else is being prepared these are truly efficient bespoke cakes! I am a borderline using gantt charts for real life kind of girl. I really should put some of that commitment into other areas of my life… but nothing else has quite such rewarding (and tasty) results!



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