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Game of Thrones Cake


Now I wasn’t sure whether to share this post as it’s not really in the normal style of my blog, it’s not pink and girly and cute, but it is creative and it was a lot of fun. So here goes.


For my brother’s birthday there was one cake I knew I had to try, a cake based on hit TV series Game of Thrones. I had lots and lots of ideas and there’s loads of inspiration on the internet and photos of cakes other people have done. Some are incredibly impressive but must have taken hours!

I wanted something a bit more simple as I only had one evening to make the cake and the following morning to decorate it. The throne itself I made out of rice crispy marshamallow mix to mould into the shape, a great cheap way to mould large shapes. I then covered this with grey sugarpaste- I didn’t get a photo of this stage sorry as it was all a bit manic!


The swords I made out of mexican modelling paste (you could also use sugarpaste with CMC added), I started off using cocktail sticks inside them but then decided dry spaghetti worked better. I took small sausages of paste, pressed them flat and then rolled them around the spaghetti, smoothing it all out so you couldn’t see the join at the back. I then dented them a bit to look a bit more rustic.

For a really quick way to get the metallic effect I sprayed the swords and throne with edible silver spray paint- definitely something you should do outside- not in a really small kitchen- there was silver sparkle everywhere!

The blood was very fun to make. I used piping gel coloured red and it had the perfect gloopy texture.  I applied it liberally with a paint brush and allowed it to drip naturally down the sides, due to the nature of piping gel it never sets but just hangs there and pools at the bottom…like..well like blood.


The cake itself is a chocolate mud cake filled and covered with chocolate ganache and then a layer of sugarpaste, it was quite fun to do as I was going for a bit of a rough look so didn’t have to worry about neat finishes everywhere.


I do get a certain thrill out of making something to be so detailed that is also so fleeting, I’m always the first to happily take the first slice and eat it! If it wasn’t made to be eaten there really wouldn’t be any point in it!


Normal cute posts will resume next week!



4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Cake

  1. Silver sparkles all over your kitchen……sounds perfect to me. You are an amazing baker, my jaw drops open every time I see what you have created!

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