Crochet Hearts

A little bit of cuteness for a romantic week?


Not being able to find a pattern that was exactly what I wanted I decided to improvise and make my own pattern for these simple crochet hearts. Now I’ll say it before anyone else does, some of them do look a little bit like apples. But cute apples at least! I tried various different ways to create them working in the round, starting first from the top of the heart and then from the bottom. The pattern is still a bit of a work in progress, but I’ve got enough test hearts to make into a garland now, and it seemed the perfect week to share it!




If I ever manage to perfect the pattern I will be sure to share it with you (though probably not in time for Friday)! If you do want to make some crochet hearts this week you can find a lovely pattern for some over on Cherry Hearts.

Happy Valentine’s!



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