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Upcycle Christmas Cards


I always hate taking down the Christmas decorations and I particularly dislike getting rid of all my lovely Christmas cards, hence the fact I’ve held on to them until now! I recently asked a friend what she did with hers and she suggested such a great idea I had to share it with all of you. She keeps all her favourite Christmas cards and makes them into Christmas gift tags for the following year.

It’s a wonderfully simple idea and a great use for your old Christmas cards. I know a lot of supermarkets offer specific Christmas card recycling but this way you get to hold on to a piece of them and create something new.

To make your own handmade Christmas gift tags just cut out the sections that really stand out, some shapes look nice if you cut closely around them like this skiing bear.


On others you can create a rectangle card including the picture, just remember to leave a little bit of space in one corner to hole punch, you can then thread the ribbon or string through to attach to the gift.


If there’s something on the other side of a picture you want (some companies print their trademark on the inside left cover) you can glue on a piece of plain coloured paper to cover this. All the bits of card you don’t use can then just go in your standard recycling.


Pop them away with all your left over scraps of ribbon and you’re all ready for next year (just so long as you remember them!)



2 thoughts on “Upcycle Christmas Cards

  1. It’s a great idea! We used to do this as children but cut them out with pinking shears. Very individual and lovely to have ribbon threaded through

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