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A life long commitment to knitting

It’s that time of year, New Year’s resolutions, new hobbies, despite myself I’m feeling the pull of a gym membership… a new start for 2014. What is it about a new year that makes us feel like starting new things? That it doesn’t matter what goals you did or didn’t meet last year, the slate is wiped clean and you’re ready to give it another go.

I’ve decided not to make a new years resolution this year, though I did keep last years going for quite a while! I promised to only start a new project when an old one was finished- it really motivated me to get all those odd ones lying about finished so I could start something new. I had to abandon it in the run up to Christmas though- when I must have been working on a hundred different things at once- depending on the level of urgency (late Christmas eve I was sat sewing flowers onto this Christmas doll- more on her to come later).


This year whilst I’m not making a resolution, I am resolving to enjoy more crafting as much as I can. Looking back at my review of 2013 the items that brought me the most joy were the ones I really used afterwards- and didn’t disappear into a cupboard never to be seen again. Top of my list was no doubt my simple no pattern shirred jersey dress– I wore this as often as I could and was working on a second one when the good weather came to an abrupt halt.


With all this exciting ‘new’ stuff there are a few things I don’t want to lose track of though- the long projects- the projects bigger than just one year. I’m currently working on two blankets, one is the blanket of crochet granny squares which is creeping into it’s third year of life and isn’t actually that far off being done (if I can get past the horror of joining all the squares up).


The other is the ripple blanket- which is my go to easy project for whenever I want to pick up something easy- it’s also my favourite blanket for adding new yarns to, I started off with a 1920s palette of a couple of different colours but have been slowly adding to it. If I pick it up and am feeling very bright and cheerful I’ll work some rows of bright green, on a colder winter day I might add some beige. The good thing about this blanket is that it’s now at the stage where it’s big enough to keep me warm whilst I’m working on it!


I’m hoping 2014 might be the year I get these finished- I could aim for autumn winter 2014 I guess?? The problem is that the reward is so much easier to see with small projects, so I’ll pick up and finish a hat in a couple of evenings and neglect my blanket- because I know the end is not in sight, what are your tricks for getting big projects finished? I think maybe I should allocate myself a couple of weeks when I’m only allowed to work on a blanket- and maybe I should focus on getting one finished rather than simultaneously doing both?

These are the tough decision a crafty girl needs to face…



2 thoughts on “A life long commitment to knitting

  1. I’m thinking of starting a blanket as I knitted one last year and loved making it. Really feel the urge to start another. I can only dream of making something like your ripple blanket…it looks beautiful.
    Happy 2014!

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