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A look at 2013

As 2014 approaches I thought it would be nice to look back at some of my favourite makes from 2013. Looking back through my posts and photos I was surprised by how much I’d made in some months and some items that I’d never even had time to blog about.

I love how the images map the seasons from warm colours to spring brights and then back into winter hues. Overall I think it makes a very pretty year and makes me very exited for the year ahead.


January: Apple Core Quilt

February: Lavender Pillows

March: The Geometry knitted bag (never blogged)

April: Muscovado Muffins

May: Childry Shawl

June: Sirdar Summer Stripes Cardigan #9423 (never blogged)

July: Lily Dress (Colette Patterns)

August: : White Chocolate and Raspberry Profiteroles

September: Maxi Skirt (Megan Nielsen Tutorial)

October: Halloween decorations (Mollie Makes pattern)

November: Hand-stitched felt doll

December: Amigurumi reindeer

What are your plans for the new year? Or are you just taking a moment to relax and enjoy the end of 2013 before you even start thinking about what’s ahead?



3 thoughts on “A look at 2013

  1. Such goodies! You have been really busy this year but what treats will be coming our way in 2014? Have you any plans for up and coming projects?
    I am planning ahead and popping ideas into each month of my diary so it may help me achieve my crafty goals!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I want everything for myself…….is that really selfish……..all these lovely things that you make my darling, I could never compete. You are so talented and patient …….making me sew over Xmas grrrrrrrrrrrr it was worth it in the end. Can’t wait too see what 2014 brings on the crafty front. Love you loads xxxxxxxx

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