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Handmade Christmas gifts

In case you’re as busy as me with Christmas present planning I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 handmade Christmas gift ideas.

1. Quick and easy, lavender bags: these are easy to make and you can find lots of free patterns on the internet to make them square or heart shaped. Add buttons and ribbons to decorate or use a signature fabric like Liberty and keep them plain.

2. Make up bag, I’ve made a few of these before and they’re nice because each one is different with different fabric and trims. You could also add some crochet make up remover pads to put inside. There’s a great tutorial for the bags here and the pads here.

3. Miniature cakes are a lovely idea if you have a bit more time. Cut an 8″ fruit cake into four and cover with marzipan and sugar paste (ready to roll fondant icing). Add some simple decorations on top and some festive ribbon around the sides.

4. Or similarly make a batch of iced cookies in the shape of something the recipient loves like shoes and handbags!

5. Use this kindle pattern to create a fun handmade case for any tablet device, iPad, Google nexus, samsung note etc.


6. Whip up a quick cosy for the latest iphone in a few hours with a pair of big knitting needles and a chunky yarn.

7. Crochet something cute for a key ring like this babushka doll as a perfect stocking filler.


8. For a quick knit, make some simple wrist warmers with a simple eyelet pattern. Use a wool with sequins like galaxy to glam them up if you haven’t got time for fancy lace stitches.


9. Make a pom pom garland, a great way to use up your odds and ends of yarn and create a fun and quirky gift.

10. Turn a simple shop bought present into something special by adding some handmade trim with some crochet edging, this works with towels, sheets and pillowcases.


Don’t forget to finish eveything off by wrapping it in some nice tissue paper and tying with a fabric ribbon (use 1 metre of ribbon to tie up the present and then the recipient can use it again in their own crafts)

Without giving too much away I can hint that I’ve done quite a few similar things for gifts over the last few weeks!

Julia was the winner of the Mollie Makes book (let’s just say she had very good odds!) I’ve emailed Julia so once I get your address I can post out.
Any quick and easy Christmas gifts you’re working on at the moment?



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