Tiny stitches


Am I too old to have dolls?

When they’re this cute and delicately hand felted?


Say hello to Rosa, she’s a distant cousin of Rose from AK traditions. You might remember the pattern was one of the items I picked up at the knitting and stitching show 2013.

I struggled with a lot of the pattern, it’s definitely not for beginners. The instructions are very text heavy with only one or two line diagrams. You could definitely do with some step by step photos for some aspects. In the end I had to abandon the pattern and find my own way to do the arms and hair.

On the plus side she is very cute. It was very therapeutic sewing it all by hand, felt is lovely to work with as it doesn’t fray and I could sit in the evenings working on her.


The nice thing is now that I have the basic pattern for the doll body I can adapt it and create new outfits for different dolls. A whole collection of little dolls…

I’m not turning into a crazy doll lady am I…


On a more serious note someone mentioned how talented I was to make Rosa and I replied with I am …if I only I lived about 50 years ago when these skills were valued….sadly they’re not helping me a lot in this  job market. Ironically they were talking on the news yesterday about how many unemployed young people there are and how people are making a living off vlogging (video blogging). I didn’t release it was such a lucrative business- surely this is only the case for a select few who have high profile sponsors? Whilst I love my blog (most of the time anyway) it is just a hobby I have to fit in around ‘real’ work. It must be lovely to use your hobby as a job.

It’s a good thing you can still get cheap workers to help out when you need to.



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