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The Refashion craze: Dress to Skirt

beforeafter-titleA refashion. I never thought I would say the words!

I use to buy clothes all the time which were ‘almost’ perfect- they just need a hem turning up, or that zip fixing, or if I just put in some darts at the back… obviously I would never actually get round to doing any of these things! So I just had a big pile of clothes I didn’t actually wear. So I eventually decided enough was enough and no longer let myself buy anything with plans of making it wearable.

When it comes down to it given the choice of refashioning something or taking some lovely and shiny new material to make into something- I choose the new material all the time!

However, something came over me these last few weeks whilst I’ve been wearing one of my dresses that doesn’t quite fit- the top was too small and the arm holes way too tight (I couldn’t really reach forward!)- so I started to have a niggling thought in the back of my mind- I could fix this…

I loved the fabric and style but the overall dress I wasn’t hugely attached to- so I chopped it up.

No going back! I chopped off the top and used fold and fuse waistband tape to turn over the top edge and sewed it down by hand so you couldn’t see stitches on the other side.

I origianlly added in a hook and eye at the top to keep it closed, but the realised (after wearing it for a day) that a hook and eye  wasn’t really the right type of fastening- it’s more for when you have two edges next to each other than over lapping. So I switched to a presser stud.

I kept the original belt loops which means I can use the fabric belt from the dress as well- one ready to wear high-waisted skirt.

I blame the refashion runway– which I always enjoy ‘watching’. I’m not sure I’m quite at the stage where I want to go out actively looking for things to refashion, but finding a new life for unloved clothes in my wardrobe? That can only be a good thing surely?


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