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The pretty eat

biscuit-1Appearance or taste?

This may sound like an odd way to start a post- but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. When we bake pretty things is taste compromised?

If Frances from the Great British Bake Off has taught us anything- it’s that those amazing creative designs don’t win any points if they don’t taste good (though she is still my favourite!).

That’s why the last few things  I’ve baked (cupcakes, garden cake etc) have focused on taste, cakes and cupcakes covered in sugarpaste look good, but do many people actually like the taste of sugarpaste?? (Please let me know if you disagree), personally I prefer a lovely creamy buttercream- and you can do some pretty amazing things with it.

It’s the little decorative touches that can make something really special, and it’s a case of finding the quick easy ones you can do to add a little something to your cupcakes or cookies.

After seeing some amazing looking biscuits on Bakeat350 (if you like cookies you need to follow this blog) I wanted to try brush embroidery as a decorative techniques- and yes I kind of hoped that knowing how to sew might give me a bit of a head start. Let me jump ahead to the end and tell you IT DID NOT.

I have no idea why Brush Embroidery is called brush embroidery! You need to be able to pipe icing and draw lines with a paint brush.



The most difficult thing is the design and most people recommend using a template (if you’re working on something soft you can use a cutter to press into it so you have an outline)  whereas I just decided to do it freehand- as I want quick easy ways to decorate the simpler I can make it the better really.

It took some practise (and definitely still needs some more practise!) but I did slowly get there. I found my nozzle was too small (1.5) and so I was piping a double line in order to get enough icing to drag down- so next time I could definitely use a bigger nozzle to save time.

They’re still quite cute though, and definitely different to any other decorating techniques  I’ve tried- you could get some really great effects with contrasting colours.

I want to try edible paints next!



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