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The little things

I had the nicest compliment today- and wanted to share it.

I wore my Debbie Bliss cabled waist belt to work and someone commented how nice it was, when I said I’d made it they couldn’t believe it. They’d seen some of my other bits and pieces I’d worn to work and went on to say that I was wasted in my current job- and that I needed to go and open up my own little knitting and cake crafty place! I would love to open my own little boutique selling crafty bits and pieces and gorgeous little cupcakes and cakes.


I felt great for the rest of the day and felt like I could take on anything…maybe I will!

Now I just need a name…. Knit, natter and eat? Cake and Cast on? Double knit and Dark chocolate?

Cabled Waist Belt Pattern: Knit Now Magazine, Issue 5


6 thoughts on “The little things

  1. You two should go in business together I shall be your first customer. Now ladies have been sorting and need a pouch for my crochet needles ………..who can I get to make me one ?

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