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Simple Sewing for Maxi-mum impression


This summer I discovered how useful maxi skirts are for work, they were smart enough for the office but also kept me cool when the weather was warmer, I went on a bit of a spree one day and bought 3 from one shop, and they weren’t really that cheap and not very well made. Bearing in mind how simple the construction is I decided I really should just try making one myself.

I found this great Megan Nielsen tutorial on-line and got a couple of metres of stretch jersey in this lovely floral print- it’s like a water colour effect.


It was incredibly easy to sew up, cut one rectangle- sew back seam, insert elastic and hem! Literally, that is all there is to it. It takes a couple of hours from start to finish to completely make it, and that’s including sewing the elastic together and then realising you haven’t actually threaded it through the top of the skirt- whoops!

maxi-elasticIt’s got a bit too cold to wear maxi skirts now, so I’m reluctantly putting this away for the winter, but that got me thinking, is there a winter version I can make? Would that work? Or would the heavier fabric needed just make it bulky and heavy? I definitely need some winter project ideas for work- any suggestions?

maxi-titleSkirt: N Made Maxi

Crochet Jacket: Mango

Door Stop: N Made


4 thoughts on “Simple Sewing for Maxi-mum impression

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