A walk down the chocolate garden path…

DIY Vegetable Garden Cake


I seem to have a lot of baking going on my blog at the moment (I hope you don’t mind) and I’m not really sure why- I blame Pinterest a bit.

I love Pinterest for inspiration, I could literally spend hours browsing (obviously I cut myself off after a normal amount of browsing time…) I have boards for hair ideas to try, things to decorate the home, things I’ve made and recently a very exciting Halloween one (more on that to come later!)


When I decided to make a cake recently for someone’s birthday I wanted it to be garden themed, in particular a vegetable garden. So I created my inspiration board on Pinterest- having only two nights to complete the cake in (1 night to bake 1 night to decorate) I just had to pick the features I liked and adapt them.


The cake itself is a mud cake, sliced, filled and covered with chocolate ganache, I find rolled fondant (Sugarpaste) is often not everyone’s favourite, but this cake could easily have been covered with sugarpaste to give the  finish the other cakes have.


I decorated the drum the cake was going to sit on to look like crazing paving, the literal garden path i’m going to lead you down! It’s so easy to do, small balls of sugarpaste coloured grey and then rolled flat when they’re on the board.

I created the fence posts by mixing sugarpaste with a small amount of sugar florist paste- this meant they set harder and quicker so I didn’t have to worry about them drooping or breaking.


To make the mud I bashed up cookies (oreos work well if you can be bothered to take the filling out of each one) and then edged with some buttercream grass (using a grass nozzle)- those pesky weeds coming up between the slabs- I put weed killer down but they just keep coming back!


Making the vegetables was a lot of fun, I used marzipan (there was pretty much every sweet decoration going on this cake) and was only limited by the size of the cake- I wanted to put everything on there but settled for sugar pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots and (sweet!) peas.


Everyone really enjoyed it, it was a fun cake, both to make and to enjoy and eat (gorgeous to eat if I do say so myself). Though I did feel a small pang when something I took such care to make and perfect was gobbled down, but alas that is the cut throat world of baking.

Onwards and upwards anyway? I’m planning on using the same recipe for a possible Halloween cake, hence the new Halloween Pinterest board- I really love Halloween so may do a few posts in the run up on cakes, decorations and fancy dress!


One vegetable garden cake- preserved only in photos and my memory (until I taste another really good cake anyway) What do you think? Was it worth the effort put in just to be eaten? Or are you of the shop bought birthday cake variety??


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