Sweet Summer Desserts

Inspired by my recent Summer Cupcake success I wanted to try out some summer dessert ideas. After a quick google for ideas I decided to try White Chocolate and Raspberry profiteroles from the BBC Good Food website (without the pistachio).

I’ve attempted profiteroles once before and they did not work well, I did not in fact get passed the choux bun stage as they were just a bit of a disaster when they came out of the oven.

This time they worked like a dream though! The recipe starts with ‘once you’ve mastered choux pastry’- which put me on edge straight away, I hadn’t mastered choux pastry- I’d made it once before when I was about 13 and not well on that occasion.

In anticipation of it all going wrong I read the instructions thoroughly, prepared all my ingredients properly (I made sure everything was room temperature especially the eggs) and measured everything out ready to go so once the ‘choux process’ began I knew (kind of) what I was doing.

The choux pastry came together really easily and the dough was just as described in the recipe, I didn’t have any piping bags at the time of baking so just spooned it onto the trays, but this gave them a nice homemade rustic look (you don’t want them to look so good people don’t realise you made them!)

I also made half the amount of profiteroles the recipe said but did make them bigger than normal  (to save on piping and dipping time later!)


The raspberry cream was a really great idea, I would do this again but without the extra raspberry sauce to drizzle on plates, so you could just puree a handful of raspberries to add to your whipped cream- it gave it a really nice fresh flavour.

Rather than spooning/drizzling it over I wanted to dip my profiteroles so they were covered more smoothly. I then set them in the fridge (as it was quite a hot day I needed to do this anyway because of the cream) I made sure I tempered the chocolate so it would be nice and shiny, did you know good tempering is also what gives chocolate that perfect ‘snap’ sound?

As one person at the dinner party who didn’t like white chocolate, I also melted some milk chocolate to drizzle over a couple and then I thought well why not have white chocolate and milk chocolate…

So I drizzled some hot milk chocolate over them all.


The fussy eater ate the white chocolate ones as well in the end anyway…


What a success! (if I do say so myself!). The raspberry cream and white chocolate really compliment each other nicely and work perfectly as a chilled summer dessert.

I can’t wait to make these again, I also want to try some other summer-y ideas, any suggestions? Next stop croquembouche?


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