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My Kindle Keeper

kindle-titleI’ve been working on a gift for someone, and I’m fairly sure they don’t read my blog, so I want to go ahead and share it already!


I’m so pleased with it!

I’ve wanted to try out the Kindle Keeper pattern for a while as something a bit more exciting to carry your Kindle or tablet around in. The pattern was nice and easy to follow, I wasn’t 100% sure of the size as the pattern used quite heavy weight fabrics and I don’t think it mentioned which version of the Kindle it was for. Fortunately it worked out ok, I cut the measurements they gave and then ‘tried’ it on before sewing the main piece together, it was a little big so I just sewed the seams bigger than I normally would to take in the excess and then trimmed them back down to a normal size.

The rounded corners give it a nice soft touch and I was going to add Velcro but then found some ribbon that seemed just the perfect colour.


Which leads me to the fabrics- choosing these was probably the funnest part of the whole gift! I bought them from my ever favourite Village Haberdashery and they are all from the same Yay Day Collection. I decided covering the fabric in vinyl wasn’t really necessary, I treasure my kindle so I’m sure it would never end up somewhere that dirty! I added some stripe patterning on the front though for a bit of decoration and as it brought to mind book pages for me.


The colours are almost burnt summer verging on autumunal but that’s ok as that’s when the gift is for! (I am organized!)


I’m hoping to get a tablet soon and really want to make another of these for myself, it is with great reluctance I will give this away! (Have you noticed how much I refer to the kindle cover as if it’s mine in this blog?!)



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