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Not so seamless sewing

A sewing pattern completed!  It seems I haven’t forgotten how! I got my first Colette Sewing Patterns only a few months ago and I was so so excited to get started on them! I also had some tiny floral print fabric I bought in John Lewis, Oxford Street at about the same time for a Summer dress. It seemed like the two were meant to be however, on later reflection the Colette Pattern, Lily needed a thicker weight fabric really as it wasn’t lined and it also needed a lot more fabric than I had bought. So not really a good match at all…but the fabric was so pretty and Lily just needed to be made! So I went ahead anyway! It was actually all going quite well, with some very careful pattern placement I just managed to cut all the pieces out of my 1.5m and I decided as it was a little see through I could just wear a slip under it (the easy alternative to lining!).

I had sewn the bodice together and part of the skirt when I came to this.

2013-06-15 14.45.28

Yep, that’s right I had cut one panel of the skirt about 10 cm shorter than the rest! When trying to squeeze all the pattern pieces on to the fabric I had not noticed that one skirt panel pattern piece was folder over at the end!

I literally had no more fabric left to cut a new piece! So I had to make a dramatic decision and shorten the whole dress by 10cm, cutting off the front that I had already sewn.

2013-06-15 14.55.02

The dress was then put on hold whilst I decided what to do with the bottom, it was a bit too short to really be suitable. Eventually I managed to find some crochet trim to add- though I had my own problems with that as well!

The ends were so messy and unravelling I didnt know what to do with them! I tried crocheting along the edge to neaten it, that did not work, I tried sewing it in a little hem, that didnt work, I contemplated trying to burn it but figured if it was just cotton it would just burn and not melt and seal. Eventually I had the idea to cover the end with a fabric casing from the fabric I had cut off the bottom of the front skirt.

It actually looked very cute and helped to make the trim look like an intentional part of the dress! But please tell me what are you actually meant to do with the ends of crochet/lace trims??

Some behind the seams shots:


The rest of the construction was fairly straightforwards, I found it a little difficult sewing in the princess seams but that was expected as I had never done them before.

Once I tried it on (before inserting the zip) the size was generally ok but needed taking in a tiny bit, to save undoing a lot of work I just took in about an extra 2 cm at the centre back (and shorted the flap accordingly)- in future I could do with taking some extra out of the side seams.

I havent put in an invisible zip for a while and I didn’t have an invisible zipper foot so I used a piping foot! I’m not sure if that’s really what you’re meant to do- but it went in perfectly and looks no different to the other seams!


Well with a beautiful summer dress, it was time to take a stroll barefoot through the garden… it was actually sunny for once which made the dress look very white in some of the pictures! I’m sort-of glowing (with excitement at having finished of course!)


blog test


I will definitely be making the Lily again soon, I want to get a slightly heavier weight fabric to try (and get enough of it obviously!) Summer sewing has officially begun!


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