Cheer Up Childry

Just when you think Summer is finally here…it goes grey and rainy and you have to go and get your coat and boots out of the wardrobe where you preemptively tidied them away.

There’s always a silver lining though and it does mean its cold enough for me to wear my newest shawlette- Cheer up Childry.


Made with one ball of yarn this was a nice easy make. It’s slow going towards the end and the cast off (600ish stitches) feels like it might never end. But it is in fact hugely satisfying as each time you cast off you get a little bit more of the soft ruffle that finishes this shawl beautifully.


The self-striping wool really worked well with the shape of the shawl and what could have been harsh sharp lines are softened by the gentle ruffles.


It’s worked in garter stitch throughout with a few yarn overs to give the pattern down the middle- it’s a nice balance of easy knitting and a bit of detail to keep you interested.


The details:

Pattern: I got a free copy of the pattern from a magazine at my local wool shop but you can find it on Ravelry here.

Wool: Rico Superba Poems 100g/420 m

Cost: approx £7

I only had a small amount of wool left (though I did actually do a couple of extra rows I was so caught up in the pattern towards the end!) so one skein is just right.

So I may have worn leg warmers this morning (it’s almost June weatherman!) but I do have a super cute shawlette that is almost making up for it!



3 thoughts on “Cheer Up Childry

  1. I love that these shawls are fashionable again as I have just made myself one. The shades in yours are lovely but I mustn’t buy any more wool at the moment. I mustn’t, I mustn’t. I mustn’t!

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