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Are we organised?

More than once in the last few weeks I’ve found myself saying:

It’s not that I’m messy…I just have too much stuff… 

And it made me stop and think: I do have a lot of stuff- and I’m as tidy as I can be with THAT amount of stuff. The problem is just where can I put all the stuff (and lets be clear by stuff I mean wool, fabric, notions and more wool) I long ago ran out of cupboard space.

I’ve filled a log basket (When I say singular I mean plural). And I have all sorts of ‘useful’ boxes and tins for bits and pieces. So why do I still have bags of wool everywhere?

Is that just what happens with a minor knitting addiction?  You let a ball of wool in one day and before you know it the bed’s not sitting flat there’s so much wool underneath it?

And what do you with all that wool? Do you have it on show? In the vain hope that will remind you to actually use it before you buy more? What do you store it in?

I am actually a very organised person and the state of my wool is driving me a bit bad.

 There must be a place for everything!  I recently made this circular needle holder for a present and can’t wait to make one for myself so my circular needles stop pinging out of unexpected places. I’m thinking a matching straight needle and crochet hook case would be very cute?

But what to do with the wool?

Honestly, where do you hide yours?


N Made: A sign it’s made by me!


One thought on “Are we organised?

  1. I have my wool in a cabinet now and also in baskets….it always looks so cosy and pretty in a basket but to make life easier for you just send all your stash to me!

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