Craft Swap Success Story

After my very disheartening first swap experience (and I can now officially confirm that I never received anything- including an acknowledgement of my gift) I wasn’t sure I wanted to try again however, one very kind commenter recommended Ravelry for swaps.

I use Ravelry for patterns but didn’t even realise there are swaps on it- and there are so many! Anyway to cut to the point, I joined the Birthday Swap 2013- you’re paired up with people who have a birthday in the same month as you. You prepare your swaps, each send them and on your birthday you can open them.

My swap partner was Connie in Tucson, America and a few weeks ago she received my parcel- and said lots of lovely things about it!



And today I received her truly amazing parcel!

2013-04-30 10.05.03


Look at all those bits and pieces! Wool, projects, chocolate, souvenirs from tucson, patterns and advice!

woolLovely soft wool.

Absolutely beautiful hand knitted wrist cuffs with beads- I’m so pleased with these!



swap--clothsI’ve always been fascinated with American hand knitted wash-cloths  and now I have my very own ones! The stitch on the blue one is just incredible- gravity defying- its for exfoliating!

I’m so pleased I tried again- so thank you to the people who took the time to read my previous post and offer encouragement. It’s been a very special birthday (and it’s not over yet!)


2 thoughts on “Craft Swap Success Story

  1. Oh wow my love I am so jealous what a lovely lovely idea. And what a nice lady, I love the wrist cuffs. Have a wonderful day my darling xxxxxx

  2. I didn’t know this swap thing existed, it’s news to me but what a brilliant idea! Happy Birthday and hugs from me xxx

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