The 60 minute Baking Challenge: Muscovado Minutes

Great British Bake-Off vs Sewing Bee- Part 1

In the first part of this showdown I took on the 60 minute baking challenge (to find out more about the challenge and what on earth is going on you can catch up on my previous post). So I had 60 minutes to bake something from scratch to finished presentable goody. I considered quite a lot of different recipes- struggling to fit something into the time frame. Eventually I settled on a recipe for Muscovado Cakes with Mayan Spiced Syrup (a recipe from Paul A Young)- as you’ll see though some adjustments were made and we’ll have to wait for the judges verdict.

Timer on: 60.00 


It’s a very quick easy recipe where you basically chuck everything in so that took no time, for a home-baked rustic twist I made my own cake cases from torn grease-proof which is surprisingly effective.

50 minutes to go.


It is worth adding that as I went on things slowly got messier and messier- there really isn’t time to be tidying up.

40 minutes and in the oven


The cakes cook fairly quickly (one of the reasons I chose them) so whilst they were cooking I had to prepare the syrup. I think at this point the presenter and camera crew would come across to ask some pertinent questions:

How’s everything going? Is it all on track?

Uh, well, I may have not read through the recipe completely.

What? You didn’t take time to read through the recipe completely before the start? Are you finding you regret that decision now?

Uh, yes, a little bit, it seems I may have overlooked the chilli powder needed for the syrup and don’t have any…and the syrup needs to sit for 15 minutes but I didn’t allow any time for that.

Camera cuts to a very messy scene and a somewhat panicked look on my face.

30 minutes left.


20 minutes to go and they’re out of the oven- looking really quite good- though they did take longer to cook than expected and I was starting to worry a bit about time!


In the last 10 minutes I had to give up ‘infusing’ the syrup and just start feeding the cakes- these need to be plated and at the Judges table already!


3 minutes to spare and they were ready!




It was a tense moment waiting for Judges verdict (basically just my family hovering around and saying can we eat them yet- but lets not spoil the effect)

Great texture, light and spongy whilst having a deep and rich chocolate taste due to the muscovado. Presentation was great, the syrup giving them an inviting shine. The original recipe called for cocoa nibs on top- these were replaced by chocolate chips which let the cakes down slightly  making them more muffin like and less original. The syrup also wasn’t allowed to infuse enough and possibly not enough time was taken to carefully ‘feed’ the cakes so the Mayan spices were only a vague hint of flavour.

Overall a great bake but with some room for improvements next time to take it from tea time treat to upmarket delight. Fancy your own Muscovado Minutes? Don’t worry you’re allowed to take more than sixty! You can find the recipe online here.

So what did you think? Part 2: sewing to follow and then I’ll give you the chance to vote for your favourite- British Bake-Off or Sewing Bee?


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