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Sewing Bee vs British Bake-Off

After the very exciting first episode of the Great British Sewing Bee on the BBC I couldn’t wait to share some thoughts.

I was honestly that excited that I was sat ready in front of my tv from 7.30 on-wards.  I did momentarily get distracted by an Australian customs program that actually almost made me miss the start with its smuggled snake fruit.

I loved the layout of the show- the way they showed a sketch picture of each sewers pattern with the fabric choice on it. And that sewing room!! How many sewers all over Britain sighed with envy?

I did have a few issues- some of the talk was a little patronizing:  this is a pattern- the different lines are different sizes etc. But I understand they’re trying to get newbies interested. However that laundry bag- they sure went through that fast- even already knowing how you would make one I struggled to keep up!

And my last point (don’t hate me!) couldn’t they find decent male sewers? It just annoyed me a little bit that they’d never sewn women’s clothes before- surely they knew they would need to do this! Though neither went out so maybe its just me!

But does it work as well as the Great British Bake-Off? Is sewing as easy to watch? Can people relate? I’m not really sure. I think you can produce more interesting results in a shorter time with baking- and it can be more interesting to watch the process.

Can we really know? (besides looking at ratings which would be a bit boring) Well…why don’t we put it to the test?

Baking!                    vs           Fabrics Sent to ::PlurBPlur::

I really am keen to compare the two shows so I’m going to set myself a challenge. The 60 minutes-off (it needs a better name I know!). 1 hour to bake something and 1 hour to sew something. Which will be a more interesting process? Which will produce a more impressive result?

Now I need help, I need to choose two items to make within 60 minutes each so I need suggestions!

On the sewing side it’s got to be fairly simple- this is from cutting out the pattern to pressing and everything in between- a plain bag maybe? A top without fastenings?

For baking it’s a bit more complicated to work out what I can achieve- I’ll need to take into account baking time and cooling time if I want to decorate as well- cupcakes? a cold dessert perhaps? Mini cakes?

So please suggestions, suggestions, suggestions! I need to choose a sewing and baking project- then I’ll document  the 60 minute process and then it’ll be down to the vote!

Sewing vs baking- who wins?


4 thoughts on “Sewing Bee vs British Bake-Off

  1. This is a great idea you have. Personally I love the Sewing Bee as I can’t bake!! If I watched the Bake Off then maybe I would learn to bake?
    My project ideas for you are….a loaf of bread and an apron. Let the best win! Good luck.

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