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Made in Liberty

I may have been quiet for quite a while, but there is a reason.

This is the reason.


I started this project three weekends ago, and each weekend I was convinced I would get it finished and be able to blog about it, but the path has been filled with twists and turns!

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, back to the beginning…

I’ve been wanting to make a bag from the Bag Making Bible for a while and I had some lovely fabric from John Lewis I wanted to use. The Bag Making Bible is great in that it gives you all the techniques you could need to make various bags, a couple of complete projects and the ability to take all the different elements and design your own bag, this is what I planned to do…about a year ago.

I never really got past the design phase, its quite difficult when you’re trying to design the ultimate bag design to match every one of your specifications, so this year, in keeping with my New Years Resolution to get things done, I decided to tackle it again-but from a different angle.

Rather than taking on the somewhat daunting task of designing a bag from scratch, drafting a pattern, doing a mock-up, then doing the real thing, I decided to just follow one of the projects in the book, so I could start to see practically which features I wanted in my bag.

I chose the Piping Hot Hobo with some Fabric I bought at Libertys in London- and that was three weeks ago.

I gave myself one weekend to get everything prepped cut and ready- there was a lot of cutting out and a lot of linings, interlinings and fleece to be attached. This way I thought I would be all ready to get sewing the following weekend.

The following weekend about half an hour in, I was beginning to think I really should have bought the piping foot the book said was pretty much essential- but I persevered- about 10 minutes later whilst trying to fit the clasp I realized I’d bought the wrong one. I probably could have made the one I had work but it wouldn’t have fitted in with the bag style so much- so I postponed for another weekend.

This weekend I have worked flat out- determined to finish it- and finish it I have!


I’m very pleased with how it turned out, the piping is lovely (I caved in and got the piping foot in the end)


Pre-bought leather straps helped to give it a more professional look (It was also one less thing to worry about!)


The correct magnetic clasp for easy fastening!


and popped snaps in the gusset to give it collapsible size (those poppers took a bit of fighting with I can tell you!)



So what have I taken on board for my next bag?


1. Gussets are a must for a roomy bag

2. Popper snaps are easy to attach once you go get the hammer rather than trying to use a pair of scissors

3. Piping whilst looking nice is probably not worth the effort all the time

4. Allow a lot more time than you expect to make it work.

I think I feel more exhausted at the end of this weekend than I did on Friday!


5 thoughts on “Made in Liberty

  1. This has brought a huge beaming smile to my face. I want one and I need one! It’s amazing and the fabric…………….mmmmmmm just lovely.
    I can understand the time taken but it must have been worth it now it’s all complete and ready to stuff full of goodies. I love it!

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