Keeping cozy


This shoulder cozy was a really quick and easy knit. With all the snow outside I just had to get some pictures of it against all the white and it was only when I had to take it off to take pictures of it on its own that I realised how warm it keeps you!

DSCF1176 DSCF1177 DSCF1178

The pattern is from the book Gifted by Mags Kandis.

I used Life Super Chunky by Stylecroft Shade: Charcoal mix, I started off just using chunky but it didn’t seem bulky enough for a cozy so I switched up a size. I also made a few adjustments to the pattern and from looking at Ravelry afterwards it seems other people have done similar things. I added two extra repetitions of the 4 row pattern before decreasing for the neck to add length to the body and then shortened the neck amount as the proportions they used didn’t seem quite right for a non-giraffe.


Looking back I would also add an extra repetition of the entire pattern to the width to make it fit more comfortably around my shoulders.





Now I started this before my New Years Resolution, so it counts as a finished project, meaning I can choose something new to cast on! I don’t think I’ve ever kept a New Years Resolution this long!

How’s the snow affecting you? Causing havoc with work? Or creating great photo moments?!


2 thoughts on “Keeping cozy

  1. That is very pretty, I really like the stitches you’ve used and what great weather to wear it in!
    I’m using this snowy weather to finish my never ending blanket…

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