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On the last day of Christmas…

I’ve finally found some time to share christmas photos!

It’s all gone by so quickly and now it is January!

My december was packed full of Christmas decoration and present crafting, most of it secret so it couldn’t be shared!

But here are some of the highlights, of sewn stockings and crochet baubles, presents I gave and presents I loved.

And I’ve made a a very important New Years Revolution: No new project can be started until a project has been completed. In theory. Though my fingers are just itiching to start some new things, I was in the wool shop only yesterday buying more wool…


2 thoughts on “On the last day of Christmas…

  1. Oooh I loved reading this it’s full of delicious goodies to give you a warm feeling inside. I really like the stockings, did you fill them with anything? As for the cakes…..I can only dream!
    Happy Crafty New Year x

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