Craft Swap- Anybody out there??

2012-11-27 22.02.44

I really really wanted to do a craft swap, the idea seemed like it was the ultimate achievement of the blogging community, swapping lovely hand name items with like-minded people.

So I searched the internet and found an ‘Autumn Swap’ with Popular Crafts, I happily signed up in October and waited for the start of November to hear who my swap partner was and then I waited some more. Eventually I decided it wasn’t happening and got a job and had many other things on my mind.

In the last few weeks of November I suddenly get an email with details of my swap partner! And I have to get the item to them by the end of November!

I was tempted to just leave it, but I couldn’t bear the thought of someone waiting for a swap to arrive. So I chose something simple, that could be a token craft swap gift, if possibly not the best gift in the world.

The swapee (or whatever they’re called) liked owls, so I crocheted this cute owl granny square taken from this blog.

It is very cute and it was a little difficult wrapping it up and sending it to someone I didn’t know!

2012-11-27 22.02.32

I sent it a few weeks ago now and I didn’t want to post anything in case they hadn’t received it, but I have no real way of knowing if they have got it as I haven’t heard (and dare I say received) anything, so I thought I could at least share it with you lovely blogging people.

DSCF10462012-11-27 22.02.56

I feel a little disheartened after my first craft swap, any positive words of encouragement or just cut my losses now and don’t try again?


11 thoughts on “Craft Swap- Anybody out there??

  1. Aw talk to Angela I know that she has done this. Maybe you need to try a different website / group. I love it my darling – perhaps we should just have a family craft swop !!!!!

  2. What a lovely gift! Don’t be disheartened, I took part in a popular crafts swap and it all went to plan but I know sometimes things don’t come off for various reasons. Swaps are fantastic when it all goes to plan 🙂

  3. Lucky lady receiving the owl, Maybe she is inundated with xmas crafty things herself and you will here from her in the New Year

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