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Home-made Christmas Duvet

Last week I decided I absolutely had to have a Christmas duvet for December. So I abandoned all current projects; the quilt still in several pieces, the granny square throw short a square or two, the alarming number of presents building up…and I spent the weekend with one goal: Home-made Christmas Duvet.


I looked online and instantly loved this Michael Miller Yule Tree print fabric, not cheap (£14/metre) but worth it I justified as a family heirloom I can pass down…

As there are no nearby fabric shops for sheeting fabric I did the next best thing and went to Sainsburys and bought a king size flat sheet and a double size flat sheet, I like to think they’re fairly unrecognisable now.


The trick was cutting the sheets carefully so as to reuse the existing hems.

There were some practical issues, where do you lay out a 3m length of fabric? The hall. How do you iron a duvet cover that is over 2msq? With great difficulty and by swamping the ironing board and causing all the windows to steam up there’s so much pressing going on. How do you make pillowcases? With difficulty  My confidence quickly disappeared when I turned them out the right way and seams were showing! Not as simple as they seem!



But by Sunday evening I had the home-made Christmas Duvet that I know will be treasured for all my Christmases and hopefully many more after that.

Sleeping has never been so exciting! (apart from the first night when I spent the whole time worrying about whether I was creasing it after all my lovely pressing).



There were the first flakes of snow yesterday, but I’m ready for the cold nights now!

What about you?


3 thoughts on “Home-made Christmas Duvet

  1. I like the trip to sainsburys…great idea! It makes up for buying Michael Miller fabric which is so gorgeous, I want a dress in it!

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