Christmas / knitting / patchwork / Sewing

It’s beginning…

to look a lot like Christmas!


You may remember that I really loved Halloween and making decorations for it, well Christmas is like Halloween but it lasts A WHOLE MONTH. So this really is just the beginning of a lot of Christmas gifts and decorations!


This lovely and simple wreath is from Let’s Get Crafting- Knitting and Crochet Issue 45.


It’s very quick and easy to make and sew up, I did it over two/three evenings.


I’ve also got a few of my previous Christmas makes out- I always love getting out all the bits and pieces I’ve forgotten about.

This patchwork cushion was my first ever Christmas make from many years ago!


And my favourite Christmas snowman…


Has the Christmas frenzy begun for you?


P.s. my blog is snowing! Thank you amazing word press people!


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning…

  1. I shall be upstaging you later with MY snowman so watch out. This is a difficult creation to beat. Roasting hot here so quite hard to feel festive but I shall struggle on. May knit a stocking next and make a cake that has mashed potato in it !!!

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