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On the sweet side- sugar flowers

As part of my work recently I went on a two day sugar flower course, the goal was to make an autumnal arrangement suitable to decorate a cake with Leonardis Roses, conkers, witch hazel and hypericum berries

I’ll be honest I expected it to be easy and I also expected to be good at it; it was not easy, I was not good at it.

It was hard hard work! We started off with the Leonardis Rose, and as I had never handled Sugar Florists Paste (SFP) before I was useless! I kept putting my finger through it or my hand would stick to the rose and I’d have to try to pry it off with a mini palette knife! Luckily it’s fairly easy to cover up mistakes!

As the course went on I did get slightly better (though maybe that’s just because the work got easier!). We made conkers which were fairly straightforward.

I also enjoyed doing the leaves. Once you have modelled them out of SFP and used a veiner to create the leaf veins you dust them with edible paint which makes all the difference, they go from toy-like flowers to autumnal real leaves.

They hypericum berries were also fun as you dusted them to get different colours and then dipped them in sugarcraft glaze so they were shiny.

Florists tape was essential to the whole project (as well as florists wire). I used yellow florists tape curled to make the witch hazel and brown to make branches and attach the whole arrangement together.

I didn’t actually manage to finish putting it all together in the class, so some of the leaf arrangements may not be ‘botanically’ correct, but it still makes quite an impression as a whole I think.

Have you ever tried anything like this? I was exhausted by the end of it, knitting a flower seems much easier!

p.s I’m making a few changes to my blog, so sorry if things keep moving around!


2 thoughts on “On the sweet side- sugar flowers

  1. wow very impressive – mine would be the same as Jill’s……………………………… the new page, especially the border.

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